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I Am At Heart A Gentleman a/w17



I am at heart a gentleman” was one of Marlene Dietrich’s famous quotes. Trapped in a world-warring era where entertainment-seeking pilots and their chain-smoking escorts filled the streets,


Dietrich embodied the environment of her era, becoming synonymous with the austere, structured military dress people favoured in the 1930s. In her daily life she favoured tailored pants suits, but she could also be dressed in figure skimming gowns. This is the starting point of my collection concept that attempts to redefine the stereotype of what it means to be a woman in the 21st Century, a woman who is not afraid to embrace the duality of masculinity and yet not forsaking her innate femininity.


The product of this constant tension between dualities has created a collection that not only celebrates the female wearer, but also creates a strong visual narrative. Moreover, the monochrome colours and the comfort of the egg-shaped silhouettes of the collection allows the collection to transcend functions, seasons and years.

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